Q&A: What exactly is Mobile Text Message Marketing?

//Q&A: What exactly is Mobile Text Message Marketing?

Q&A: What exactly is Mobile Text Message Marketing?

Question by : What exactly is Mobile Text Message Marketing ?
I have been doing business for a few years now and have struggled to find ways to get customers to do business with me. I tried all of the traditional forms of advertising , but the results were poor. I heard about text message marketing and it sounds like I could really benefit from it, but I have no way of knowing how to implement it or where to start. Any suggestions? – Wilson, NC Business owner.

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Answer by MarketingFan4Life
Mobile Text message marketing is a super incredible way, and might I add, the very best way to market your products and services. It allows you to remain in contact with your customers by sending short advertisements directly to their cellphone. Everybody and their momma has a cellphone, even young kids these days, so no other form of advertising beats it. The tradition forms of advertising have become weak and or obsolete in some areas. As a matter of fact, there is an online based company located right there in North Carolina called Total Mobile Contact. Visit their website. They have an array of videos that explain everything to you and the cost is very inexpensive.

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  1. Kiyah Wise September 4, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    Basically the way it works, is you send out a mass text to several of your customer’s cell phones (which they have on them all the time, so they will read the text right then!)

    The response rates are quite high. Example: If you send out 100 text on Monday at 4:00pm saying “bring your phone and show this text for free rose or discount” as many as 20 people can walk through the door!

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