Question by TJ: What is the best want to make a map for a horse route.?
I do a pony express ride where I am at and have GPS Cords for each mile marker where we trade off but would like to know what is the best way to map this. I am looking for something like on google maps where someone can view it on there smart phone and see if they are where they need to be. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by J
Got to take a ride and see. I’ll get back to you soon as I’m done….

Ok, here we go. I have the Garmin and Newelectronx GPS. I got it from online this past summer for something like a little over 100 tacos. You can probably get these in your local store. I tested both side by side while in the saddle.

I confirmed that both GPS models have a good and fresh Pre-loaded maps. I took a off road trail, and found the best selling Garmin was a bit sluggish, and a bit difficult to enter off road cords. The Google Local Search did help tho and might be what you are looking for.

Although Garmin is one of the bestselling GPS brands on the market, I wanted to see how the other brand faired in comparison to give you options. The other brand includes all the standard features of the Garmin: on-road mapping, off road mapping which I use, and helpful features well-suited to any region or terrain. Pre-loaded maps, lane assist complete with junction view, and green Route (similar to ecoRoute). All of these features are pretty much standard on both (keep in mind I’m using a higher end Garmin – not the cheapo ones like the nuvi 1690).

It navigated pretty good – no matter how fast I went. I took a unknown trail and plugged in coordinates right and left. Went down various terrain and explored a little. The off road route was automatically adjusted and recorded and told me with voice commands where I should go. It’s very polite and even says please. I’m pretty sure you can even add your own custom routes to it if you want to.

It will exclude off road terrain you want to take out the cord path. I confirmed that today. You can even instruct it to give preference to off-road routes if that’s how you ride. It will show the list of instructions if you click the button on the top of the of the screen. I think you can also put it on the side of the map. There you have 2 choices to help you get this done.

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