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Question by georgia_peach1993: What phones are compatible with Boost Mobile services besides the phones they sell?
I’m looking for a prepaid phone plan where you can get unltd text, and Boost has one, but i HATE their phones. Are there any other phones i can use??

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Answer by Mobile Mike
Well, there are TWO Boost mobiles. One with sim/ walkie talkie , runs on Nextel. Called iden. They can use any Nextel phones with the sims.

The other one, called Unlimited by Boost runs on Sprint. Called cdma .They can use most Sprint phones. But getting a Nextel phone to work with Boost iden is way easier then getting a Sprint phone to work with Boost cdma.

Sprint has way cooler phones and a larger variety then Nextel does.

If interested in a prepaid plan with JUST text and talk only as an addon, consider Att Gophone, Verizon Prepaid or Virgin Mobile as they all have unlimited messaging/text plans for $ 20.

Virgin Mobile has the best value: 19.99 for unlimited text/pic/vid/im/email. 10 cents a minute if you talk/

Verizon Prepaid has the best coverage: $ 20 add on unlimited messaging/text/pic/vid/im to a 25 cents per minute flat rate. You can’t use Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, smartphones, pdas, pocket pcs or phones w/ full html browsers (like Voyager, Touch Envy, etc).

Att prepaid has the same plan and rate as Verizon prepaid. Allows just about any unlocked gsm phone (like Tmobile on it). But be careful, the new sims with free $ 15 lock you to Att gophones only for 6 months. Don’t accept the $ 15 and activate on an unlocked phone to try and avoid being stuck with their phones for 6 months.

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