Question by Lukas: Which one is the most recent, somewhat affordable Cell Processors out there in the market today?
I am planning on purchasing a new Laptop computer this Holiday seasons. I will need a good computer for years to come because I have just started college, and my old computer (now 5yrs old) is looking not to keep up with the softwares, its running quiet slow..not surprised though, because of how old it is now. This introduces my question..what is the best Cell Processor out there in the market today?

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Answer by ellomotto
Sorry man, but Cell processors aren’t supported in normal computers.

Reason being is that their architecture is quite fundamentally different than the x86 and therefore the operating systems, programs, anything that you use on a normal computer doesn’t work because it would have to be specially programed. It’s true the some specialized servers and mainframes use Cell processors, but all of their software is designed from the ground up simply because there is no other way.

Cell processors will likely never be used in computers, as least not as their main processors. Some video cards have cell processors, but these are still very much a novelty and not for things like gaming.

If you really want a cell processor, the best you can do is TV’s/portable electronics…this is where specialized processors like the Cell processors actually get to the consumer (Creative’s Zii processor based smart phones for example)

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