Question by abustos_ab: Why is there two Nationwide races at California and Phoenix, but only one at Atlanta and Talladega?
When Cup series heads to either California or Phoenix, the Busch/Nationwide guys will race there also.

I think the Nationwide Series schedule should have only one race per season at California and Phoenix, and two races per season at Atlanta and Talladega.

And when Cup guys head to California, for the second race of the year, the Nationwide should go to Rockingham(NC), that same week.

North Carolina Speedway, should only hold Nationwide races.

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Answer by anger1
Alot of it has to do with the market and sales. Obviously, the attendance in California is lagging. But NASCAR may have some kind of contract with the track or a certain sponser to be there. Here in Phoenix, I know the market is jumping. We sell out all three races. Arca, Nationwide, and Cup both times they come.

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