‘X Factor’ alum tells MTV News her Nick pilot will be ‘really Rachel.’
By Christina Garibaldi

Rachel Crow
Photo: MTV News

Rachel Crow, the pint-size cutie who won over America on “The X Factor” and made a lasting impression with her heartbreaking elimination, may have come out of the singing competition a winner after all. Just last month, Crow not only landed a recording contract with Columbia Records, but also signed an overall talent deal with Nickelodeon to star in her own musical-comedy pilot.

MTV News caught up with Crow on the set of the Nick series “Fred: The Show,” where she will be a series regular as the character Starr.

“My head was exploding when I couldn’t tell anyone,” Crow said about her new projects. “I kept telling people, ‘Oh, stuff will be coming out soon,’ and then it kept getting pushed back, pushed back, and I was like, ‘People are gonna think I’m lying!’ But I’m so happy I can tell everyone about it now. I’m really excited.”

Crow, who finished in fifth place on “X Factor,” has not yet started filming her own series but promises it will be a true representation of her personality.

“I’ve been thinking about it. We’re kind of in the first stages of deciding what it’s gonna be now,” Crow said. “But it’ll be really fun, really Rachel. We’ll see how it goes. I’m still thinking about it, something really fun and something that kids can relate to.”

In addition to staying true to herself, she’s also hoping to reach an audience that may not be too familiar with her: the boys.

“I want to reach the boy audience, because I know that’s really hard to do,” Crow admitted. “Boys don’t usually watch a really girly show, but I want to make sure that it’s a family-oriented, very fun, edgy, wacky show.”

And to get that edgy twist she is looking for, she already has some dream guest stars in mind.

“I’ve always wanted to sing with Eminem. I know, it’s really weird. I really love him,” Crow said. “I would really love for [‘Fred: The Show’ star] Lucas [Cruikshank] to be on my show, a lot of the Nickelodeon stars. I’m still super excited, I can’t even believe what’s happening.”

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