Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew star Rachel Uchitel, 37, was once the face of 9/11 mourners, but years later her name became known as the “other woman” in reports of David Boreanaz and Tiger Woods’ infidelities

“Everyone deserves a second chance,” the mom-to-be tells Celebrity Baby Scoop in an exclusive interview. With her first child due on May 12, the reality TV star says it’s time to “forgive” and “move on.” While she admits “my name precedes me,” Rachel is trying to heal the past and “have some acceptance with myself.” In an open discussion, Rachel talks about her “great” pregnancy, excitement about impending motherhood and her hopes for a brighter future with husband Matt Hahn and their baby girl. “I’ve moved on and I hope other people will too and see that I am doing my best to try and have a normal life,” Rachel shares.

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