Question by Aster Phoenix: Rate/ Fix My cyber dragon/ gadget(yugioh) deck?
Monsters 20
cyber dragon
proto cyber dragon 3
cyber phoenix
cyber laser dragon
cyber barrier dragon
Gyroid 2
Green Gadget 3
Red Gadget 3
Yellow Gadget 3
Armed Cybren
Heavy Mech Support Platform
catapult turtle

spells 11
power bond 2
overload fusion 2
limiter removal
Heavy Storm
different dimension capsule
enemy controller
photon generator unit

traps 9
cyber hidden technology
call of the haunted
rare metalmorph
trap jammer
magic jammer
attack reflector unit
strong hold the moving fortress
ultimate offering
sakretsu armor

hope you can help
oops almost forgot
cyber twin dragon 2
cyber ebd dragon
chimeratech overdragon

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