Real Events & Entertainment with Max Fashion India- The largest Value fashion Brand in India & Middle East Conceptualises & Executed a very unique activation -Live Mannequin Activity @ Phoenix Market City — Pune Show casing their Summer Spring 12 Collection… Brief from Client — Regional Manager- Marketing for Max Fashion India, had briefed on the unique ideation for Live Statue or Live Mannequin Activity which is never done in the mall atrium in India, After tremendous brain storming sessions we decided to do a Live Mannequin Activity where the Team will stand as Mannequin for a duration of time and suddenly the Music Starts and the Human Mannequin starts performing one by one. To create a Buzz and connect the audience –within the sound tracks- 4-5 Dummy Dancers enters randomly from the crowd and start performing in sync with the live mannequins on stage…creating eye candy event. Challenge — To match the Look of the Human Mannequin & Store Mannequin in terms of Make Up & standing like a Live Statue…Making them look alike to real mannequins Vs human mannequins. After several trial runs we finally got the perfect shade of make-up which resembled to plaster mannequin. Crowd Feedback – Crowd was thrilled to see such an event –first time in India and the response was amazing.
Video Rating: 5 / 5