Rebecca Blake has earned quite the Internet name for herself after being accuses of having relations in a taxi in Dubai. So what’s the big deal, and why is this news? Well, because being caught doing something like that in Dubai is a pretty big deal. In fact, Blake could be facing up to three years in jail. Even with plans for the most futuristic hotel in the world (above), they apparently have old fashioned views. What are the actual charges? Well, so far, they are related to being drunk in public and having sex outside of marriage. Don’t you just love how the government cares about your sex life over there? Not only do they care, but they feel the need to lock people up for it. It’s unbelievable. Blake is a British businesswoman who works as a consultant. She happened to be in Dubai at a bar called The Irish Village Bar where she allegedly met a man named Conor McRedmond. According to reports, they must have both had their beer-goggles on because they were soon jumping into a cab and playing tonsil hockey. The cabby was already upset that they were kissing, which is ridiculous enough. But […]


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