So Russell Brand has filed for divorce. Guess the year long marriage is over. I am so over celebrity marriages. I think that if gays are banned from being married, so should celebrities. If anyone abuses the ?sanctity of marriage? it is celebs. After 14 months of marriage and avid rumors of marital issues, Russell Brand finally filed for divorce today. Yesterday I wrote a post calling BS: I was being optimistic. It is right after Christmas, a few days before the new year, surely they wouldn?t split NOW. Wrong, I need to go with my gut (and the public display of NO WEDDING RINGS) more often cause these two are dunzo for sure. I always felt Russell was just in it to become more famous over here in the US, and mission accomplished. He is now known as a douche over here, as well as in his homeland. I never got what a beautiful glam girl like Katy Perry saw in that crass, needs a shower and haircut worse than a bum, over rated schmuck. That?s just my opinion. Rumor has it he is a womanizer. Katy is said to be surprised that Russell filed for divorce, as they […]


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