Actor Ryan Gosling has revealed that he needed a little help creating his sexy and irresistible alter ego Jacob in ?Crazy Stupid Love?. In demand actor Ryan Gosling has shared with the press that in order to research for his role in ?Crazy Stupid Love?, opposite Steve Carell, in the role of the smooth, ladies? man, Jacob Palmer, he relied on the help of men’s magazines. Recently talking to the Sun about his role, Ryan said ?I don’t want to disappoint you, but it’s not really like the film. I just try to follow the rules that men’s magazines give you. Like all of the ways you?re supposed to dress, all the exercise you’re supposed, to do, and all the things your suppose to say, just follow the letter of the law.? Meanwhile, the ?Drive? actor has also been making headlines after his former girlfriend and The Notebook star, Rachel McAdams, was hit with several questions regarding her new movie role, ?The Vow?, opposite Channing Tatum, another Hollywood actor similar to Gosling who is also racking up the screen time in recent years. According to the Toronto Sun, McAdams had a challenging time on the red carpet at The Vow?s […]


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