www.seo- advertising .com Hello My name is Lee Noring, I started working full time as a Internet Advertising Professional in 1996. In today’s video I am going to talk about what Every Business Owner Today, Facing a Slowing Economy, with Sales and Profits Falling Is Dreaming about, Search Engine Domination. Most business owners would be Very Happy with Only One, Page 1 Google Search Engine Ranking for a High Marketing Value Keyword or Phrase. In this video I will be showing you a true example of Search Engine Domination. My first contact with this business owner was around the First of September of this Year. I told the owner of a Bagging equipment rebuilding business that I Am Very Good at What I Do, and Do Not Mind Proving That to His Satisfaction. The secret to Free Internet Advertising starts with YouTube. So I created a new Gmail account and used it to open a new YouTube Account on Sep 9, 2011. On September 9, 2011 I uploaded the first video to the new YouTube account UsedPackagingCA. Next using my GoDaddy.com account I registered a new domain name and started working on a new website at UsedPackagingCA.com On September 11th I uploaded 3 new unlisted videos on YouTube to imbed into the web pages of the new website. The end result of 21 days of puting my internet advertising , Internet marketing talents to work. Has resulted in Eight, Page 1, Google organic, search engine ranking results for the most valuable keyword phrase for the targeted customer Profile. Most of us
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