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Settings: Setting Up Email Accounts
Cell phone marketing
Image by pouwerkerk
You have a lot email addresses. I have six. I only frequently check four of them, and iPhone can only sync three. That’s because iPhone doesn’t work with Outlook Express/Exchange…yet… I would estimate that roughly 80% of businesses, and schools that have their own email use this. It’s what BlackBerry uses, and Apple’s boycotting. But I’m keeping fingers-crossed and a death stare at iPhone’s software updates.

Nevertheless, iPhone does have a web browser, so if you can access your email via the internet , you’ll likely be able to check it using Safari. But I don’t think this makes up for the feature BlackBerry addicts get nourishment from, and if Apple’s serious about getting RIM’s market share, they should think twice about the whole boycott thing. It pisses people off and it doesn’t always provide instant satisfaction. Case in point: not licensing the Mac OS… Draw your own conclusions, but Apple’s OS market share is hovering around 3%, Windows has about 95%…

Cell phone marketing
Image by Brett L.
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