Let’s Talk About SMS Text Marketing in NZ. So tell me…Where is your cell phone right now? Most of us would either have our phones in our pockets or at least only a few feet away from us. Have you noticed that even when you are face to face with someone and their cellphone goes off, even if it is only a text, they will stop in the middle of your conversation and read it! THAT is the power of Text Marketing. SMS /Texts have a 97% open rate – read that again – a 97% OPEN RATE. There is no other marketing that can boast that kind of response – even if it is only a read response at this point in time. THEN Text Marketing has a 10% – 30% Redemption rate – compare that to email at 1% – 5%. If SMS / Text Marketing in NZ is something you might want to look at click on this link and that will take you to my website where you can read more about this Fantastic Under Used Marketing Tool. Actually as a quick note: I would like to say a quick Thank You to Icon for the great images that I was able to use on my video. You should definitely check them out if you liked the icons — thanks again Icon Visit My Channel: