Sms Marketing UK | 0800 619 1259 Are you still trying to figure out if this whole Text Message Marketing thing is right for your business? Do you even really know what it is? Well here you will find out what it can do for you and who it’s for! Short Message Service ( SMS ) or “ Text Message Marketing ” is the process of using text messages to advertise products or services directly to your customers’ mobile phones. Sms Marketing the promotional messages can take on many different forms — such as a list of items that are on sale or coupon codes that can be redeemed in your store. Because SMS messages are limited to around 160 characters, they usually have a very direct approach with a clear call to action. This could be as simple as returning the call or visiting your business to take advantage of the offer. SMS messages are more personal than other online marketing methods, allowing you to use them to create a better relationship with your mobile subscribers. Not only that, but this method is “permission-based” so only those who opt-in to your list will receive your messages. Since your customers’ phone numbers are often collected at the point of sale, your promotions can be specifically targeted at your local audience. This makes Text Marketing a valuable tool for small businesses that want to attract more local consumers. Sms Marketing & Mobile vouchers are much more effective than paper ones It’s simple. People don’t redeem paper vouchers like they
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