www.smsandtextmessages.com SMS , or short message service is quickly gaining ground in the marketing mix of a growing number of small and medium size businesses. You may have signed up to receive special offers or discounts from such places as GNC or your favorite local pizza joint. I was introduced to text message marketing by Outback Steakhouse. While waiting for my prime rib, the server offered me a discount on my meal. Naturally, my ears perk up at the mention of a discount, especially since there were seven people in my party. She gave me a number to text (this was the sign up to the subscription) and told me to show her the confirmation code once I received it. The process was easy and has proven to be effective. It is common knowledge among business owners that previous customers are important to the bottom line. Customer retention is critical, particularly in this less than perfect economy. If you’re a business owner who is looking for an affordable way to stay on your customer’s “radar”, then SMS text message marketing may be a good choice for you.Here are some reasons why: 1. High number of Cellphone ownership. 2. People carry their phones everywhere. 3. Very high open rate. 95% of text messages are opened with 15 minutes. Emails on average have a 24 hour open rate. This provides the business owner with plenty of opportunity to reach their customers. The affordability of text message marketing is also a key factor in its rise to popularity. Restaurants in
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