demonstrates how sms text message marketing and advertising works with existing customer Tukees Sports Bar & Grill in Tempe, Arizona. Text Advertising works , just text.

Bio: Nathan is a business development strategist with over 17 yrs of experience in Technology Sales, Marketing, and Logistics. A native of Arizona, Nathan’s career in technology began when he moved to Seattle, WA and took a position in global product logistics at Microsoft in 1994. He was part of a small team that managed the launch of Windows 95, the first Office Suite and Encarta around the world. As Nathan’s career took a sales path in 1998, he joined tech-savvy entrepreneurs to begin promoting what would eventually become a billion dollar industry in display and banner advertising. In 2002, Nathan moved to Portland, OR to launch a technology startup that provided enterprise solutions, digital imagery and asset management for eCommerce platforms. And in 2006, Nathan was on the leading edge of mobile marketing and engaging audiences through SMS “text” technology. Over the course of his career, Nathan parlayed his experience to work at some of the most dynamic interactive marketing agencies on the west coast, and he has conceptualized and executed scalable web and social media marketing campaigns with these notable clients: Microsoft, Intel, Ubisoft, T-Mobile, Nike, Adidas, Quiznos, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Outrigger Hotels, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Starbucks, Kroger and Costco. Nathan holds a BS in Marketing from the University of Phoenix and is a Navy veteran of Operation Desert Storm (1988 to 1992). Nathan is currently the VP of Business Development at