Snooki is pregnant! For real this time. At least according to several tabloids! Get the details here. IF this is true, I am going to be one sad mama. Seriously, the Jersey Shore is one of my favorite guilty pleasures and it can?t go on without Snooki?s boozing mess. That meatball can put it down! Sorry Pauly, Mike, Vinny, Jenny, Deena, and Sammi, Ron ? Snooki makes the show and it can?t go on without her. No one will watch. There is a reason that she got her own spin off and none ya?ll did. Sad face. This also puts her spinoff show with JWoww at risk. WTF are they going to show? Snooki off the sauce? Withdrawal? Usually I don?t read too much into tabloids, but Page Six is the one dishing this dirt and they are usually pretty accurate. They say that, MTV allegedly went into ‘crisis mode’ after finding out about the ‘pregnancy’, due to the fact that Snooki is about to film a new spin-off series with fellow Guidette Jenni J-Woww Farley. ?MTV is trying to hide it because it would greatly affect the creative direction of the show. ? According to the reports, Snooki wants […]


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