It is Soap Dish time again and as promised I am going to give you my hopes for the soap world. I like to call 2011 the year of the cancellation, which is why from the get go I am calling 2012 the year soaps get revived. What I mean by that is I think the powers that be at the remaining four shows have stood up and taken notice of what they really need to do in order to keep their shows on air. Form the rebooting of Days of Our Lives to General Hospitals behinds the scenes power switch up to The Young & The Restless pulling out the big guns even more in terms of casting, yes changes they are a happening. That being said network execs need to realize replacing our soaps with crap shows like The Talk and The Chew is not going to give them the fan base soaps did. Sure the cost to produce them is cheaper but the viewership is not as good trust me! So what I hope for 2012 is a couple of things. I hope the powers that be listen to the fans, it worked for Days after all. […]


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