Reality stars Stevie J and Joseline stopped by Hot 97 where they dished on their sex life, their "engagement" and Stevie revealed he didn’t want his daughters dating a man like him.  Deets inside…..


Since it’s the main issue that keeps them in the headlines, Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez dropped by Hot 97 earlier to AVOID talking about their "engagement" and that mysterious yet painfully obvious ring on her finger. How convenient.

Did they come clean about anything?  Of course not.  Joseline told Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg that it’s just a ring she wears but added that Stevie J. is off the market. While Stevie wouldn’t admit to being off the market, he just added that he’s about making money.  Love how side chicks are making decisions about a man’s availability. Matter of fact, we’re confused on who exactly is the side chick these days.

So why would a woman date a cheater and a liar like Stevie?  Joseline said, "I’m not tripping on Stevie and what he do because I love women too. I’ll be right there with him."  So now we know they do threesomes.  And by the way, Joseline added that Stevie is great in bed and HE added that he’s "long and strong."  How lovely.

But how do you cheat on a woman and keep her coming back for more? Stevie said "You just have to know yourself and how to deal with each situation."  I’m glad treating women like sh*t has become an art and goal of yours to accomplish Stevie.

When asked about "looking like a man" Joseline admitted that it really hurt her feelings because she’d never heard anything like that…but she’s over it now. She added, "I think I’m perfect."

When talking about her bad English, she said, "I don’t need English…..As long as Stevie speaks English and I speak Spanish we’ll be ok."  Oh?

Stevie also said rumors that he got Tammy Grant (ex-wife of former NBA baller Gary Grant) pregnant are false. He says they run a business together.  Where have we heard that before?

Stevie also said he would never want his daughters to date a man like him.  Smartest thing this dude has said in the last 2 months.

Watch the video below:


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