We begin our recap of Survivor One World, Episode 12 on Night 30. The gang has returned to Camp Tikiano after giving Troyzan the boot at Tribal Council. The girls are glad he?s gone. But Alicia seems upset that Christina was less than loyal. So if Tarzan the last man standing, the knives are being sharpened as the ladies begin to eye each other for elimination. Alicia thinks she is running the show, but as we?ll see, she may be in for a rude awakening. Jeff Probst reunites the players of Survivor One World with their loved ones. Image Credit: Wenn.com. Day 31 and tree mail comes courtesy of Sprint. Yes, the tribe receives video messages from their loved ones. They are on the island and the Reward Challenge prize is a picnic with family. So Jeff Probst brings out the family members one at a time. We get plenty of tear-jerking tales and happy reunions. Players team up with their loved ones to compete on a rope obstacle race. They are tethered together as they work their way through the twisting ropes. Kim and her sister Beth are out front but Kat and her cousin Robby close the gap […]

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