We begin this week?s Survivor One World recap of Episode 8 on Day 21. Troyzan and Jay are starting to regret booting Jonas. It may not have been a good idea, since the women now outnumber the men 6 to 5. They hope the next person to be sent away is a woman, to even things up. Tree-mail arrives with a surprise, a bottle of 7-Up! Jeff Probst has 7-Up for the contestants of Survivor One World this week. Image Credit: Wenn.com. The Reward Challenge splits the Tikiano Tribe into two teams again, each with five players. The Green Team has Jay, Troyzan, Kat, Chelsea and Alicia. Gold Team has Mike, Kim, Sabrina, Christina and Leif. Neither team selected Tarzan, so he gets nothing. One at a time, players will slide down from a platform and race to carry a heavy wooden crate. After fetching all the crates assemble the puzzle. The winning team gets a BBQ picnic with steaks, burgers, key lime pie and, of course, plenty of 7-Up! The Green Team holds the lead from the start. But while Troyzan directs the puzzle assembly, Christina on the Gold Team makes up for lost time. She figures out the […]

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