CBS premiered ?Survivor One World? last night, so let us recap what happened in Episode One. Once again, 18 Americans find themselves on a remote beach in Samoa. Divided into two tribes, based on gender, they will share the same beach for a camp site. Thus the ?One World? aspect. The women?s tribe is called Salani and the men?s tribe is called Manono. Our host with the most is still Jeff Probst. Other twists this year are no Redemption Island, so if you are voted off, you are GONE and while there are two hidden immunity idols, each is unique for one tribe. So if you find one for the other tribe, you are instructed to give it to another player from that tribe. Jeff Probst hosts ?Survivor One World? which began its season last night. Image Credit: PNP / The 18 Americans arrive on the beach in a large truck. Jeff tells them to divide up by gender, then gives them one minute to strip whatever supplies they can from the truck. As the ladies of Salani pile up their goods, Michael from Manono Tribe steals many items, including a nice ax. This peeves off the women. Jeff […]


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