Patricia Krentcil has earned the nickname Tanning Mom after she was accused of encouraging her five-year-old to use a tanning bed, leading to burns on her skin. But that is now only part of the problems she is facing. Now her favorite places in the whole, wide world?tanning salons?are starting to black list her. According to TMZ, she is no longer welcome at many of the salons near her home in New Jersey. Can you blame them? The one that allegedly allowed the five-year-old to tan is now under investigation as part of the child abuse case against the mother. But all of this leads me to a few questions. Should tanning salons operate more like bars, where they can deny you if you?ve had enough. This lady has DEFINITELY HAD ENOUGH. She makes the crew from the Jersey Shore look like Casper The Friendly Ghost. It?s not cute, or even midly nice looking, it?s just plain scary! Many of the salons near her have gone so far as to post pictures of her (I can?t imagine having to look at her so often) in their stores to keep staff from allowing her in. It?s almost like the are afraid […]


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