www.MobileMarketingUnlimited.net Learn more about our free text marketing trial (888) 768-2798 Text Marketing Text marketing is a form of marketing based on text messaging, the 160-character messages first made popular by teens. Text marketing is the closest thing that small business owners have to a guaranteed read for their marketing messages. Still a relatively spam-free marketing zone, it is the most consistent method of communication that people are tied to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to being the most direct and personal form of business to customer communication available, it’s CHEAP! Texts cost mere pennies, and the return on investment is simple to track! Before beginning your own text marketing campaign, small business owners need to establish three vital essentials an outstanding offer, the right technology, and (most importantly)… your customers’ trust. People consider their mobile phone numbers as a very personal means of communication, much more valuable than their email addresses. They are, then, more selective about who they entrust their mobile phone number to. So, how do you as a business owner, persuade customers and prospects to provide you with their mobile phone numbers? It basically comes down to the right offer. Providing them with something they will value in exchange for the number. Once a customer trusts you suffiently to provide you with their mobile phone number, it is then your job to work hard to keep earning that trust. Why
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