Text message – SMS – with Google Voice?

//Text message – SMS – with Google Voice?

Text message – SMS – with Google Voice?

Question by tolstoi1: Text message – SMS – with Google Voice?
I want to send an SMS text message using Google Voice to a 5 digit code. The code is 88147. This is apparently how people vote for American Idol contestants.

In this case, it’s a stock market service.

When I use Google Voice to send the message, it says it is not delivered.

In the detail, Google Voice prefixes “1” as if dialing a phone number.

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  1. Miguel A September 23, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    The reason why you cannot summit a vote is because you get charged for voting.

    Since you are using american google voice, the system does not recognize your cellphone provider, therefor the “not delivered” message.

    Voting is how ATT makes money on American Idol. Here is a link of another question with all the answers.


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