Mireille Enos also addresses controversy swirling around upcoming ‘World War Z.’
By Kevin P. Sullivan, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Mireille Enos in “The Killing”
Photo: AMC

Mireille Enos can’t seem to stay away from controversy these days. Two of her biggest projects, AMC’s “The Killing” and this year’s “World War Z” have recently come under heavy scrutiny from fans, but at Sunday’s Golden Globes, Enos assured MTV News that both projects are headed in the right direction.

Fans of Max Brooks’ novel recently lashed out when word came down from the set of “World War Z” that significant changes had been made to the overall structure of the story. In what may be a relief to fans, Enos admitted that liberties were taken but said that the core remains the same.

“I definitely found the book very important, just to get into the mind of Max Brooks and the kind of story that he was trying to tell,” she told MTV News’ Josh Horowitz. “Actually, the book is about human nature in the midst of crisis. Even though the context is different in the film, that’s still the heart of it, and I’m so glad that was carried over.”

She also expanded on the part she plays, as well as Brad Pitt‘s role, and how those characters factor into the changes made to the story. “The book is narrated by a character who is now in the film, and I play that character’s wife,” she said.

When “The Killing” season finale aired last June, fans cried foul that the show ended without revealing Rosie Larsen’s killer. Enos told us on Sunday that she couldn’t understand the outrage. “I was so baffled, actually, by people not liking the ending. A cliffhanger is such a classic writing device,” she said. “If you’re enjoying the journey, why not want more?”

For season two, however, Enos promised a quicker show with much higher stakes. “The pace accelerates. The stakes jump by tenfold. Everything gets more and more personal, and the writing is so exceptional,” she said. “We shot the first three episodes, and our eyes are like this [makes bulging eye motion] at the end of every episode. It’s really going to be awesome.”

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