Some cool Cell phone services images :

The Things I Carry
Cell phone services
Image by andy z
These are the contents of the book bag Andy.

Oh Elliott
Cell phone services
Image by Fire Monkey Fish
Years ago when the phone service went out in my neighborhood, before everyone had a cell phone, I went down the street to use this payphone to call the phone company. I am sure I got a cold from talking on the phone here. feh

Mediamatic Salon
Cell phone services
Image by willem velthoven
Murphy meets Flickr. At the end of the salon, the american west coast was waking up and the Flickr API was going to sleep… Black sreens! Can we get a service level agreement?

Mondaynight may 9 Mediamatic had a mobtagging salon about communities and image sharing. The premiere of the playing Flickr installation at Club11 in PostCS. Visitors use their cell phones to send keywords that pull images from Flickt on 12 big projection screens. Till may 15 in Amsterdam