‘They make life more exciting,’ Chris Pine tells MTV News at premiere.
By Kara Warner

Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine in “This Means War”
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Woe is the woman entangled in a complicated, messy love triangle — particularly one that involves easy-on-the-eyes actors Chris Pine (“Star Trek”) and Tom Hardy (“Warrior,” “Inception”). This is the dilemma Reese Witherspoon faces as lucky lady in love with two very-eligible CIA operatives in “This Means War,” released Friday (February 17). Hopefully, you can read our sarcasm, because we don’t feel any ounce of sympathy for Witherspoon, as she had the best of both worlds working on the film.

There are, of course, pitfalls to real-life love triangles, so when MTV News hit up the premiere of the new action-filled romantic comedy, we asked the stars to debate the pros and cons of being caught between two eligible romantic interests.

“I guess the pros of a love triangle is that they make life more exciting,” Pine offered.

Abigail Spencer, who plays Hardy’s character’s ex-wife, said, “I think there’s only cons,” adding “I think the only pro is that you might discover who you actually like by having a distraction but it forces you to make a decision.”

“I can’t even answer that question,” Hardy admitted. “I’m trying to think of too many literal answers.”

Chelsea Handler, meanwhile, provided a thoughtful answer to our poll: “You get to have sex with two people simultaneously, but at some point, you have to tell the truth to both people so they’re OK with it, and then you have to pick one,” she said. “It should only happen for a myopic period of time.”

“I wouldn’t know from any personal experiences,” Witherspoon chimed in. “But from the movie, I think it’s very complicated dating best friends.”

The film’s director, McG, admitted to speaking from personal experience: “That’s difficult to ask because I’ve only been on the losing end of any love triangle I’ve been a part of because all of my friends are super good-looking.”

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