MTV News visits the set of Odd Future’s brand-new video to figure out what the zany clip is all about.
By Rob Markman

Tyler, the Creator in Odd Future’s “Rella” music video
Photo: Odd Future Records

“I have a gay couple, it’s a bunny and a chicken, girls get slapped in the face and I snort a lot of coke.” That was the only way that Tyler, the Creator could described Odd Future’s latest video, “Rella,” when MTV News caught up with him and his merry band of musical misfits on the set recently in California.

It may sound zany, but the clip for “Rella,” the first single off of OFWGKTA’s upcoming OF Tape Vol 2 comes as advertised. Directed by Wolf Haley (Tyler’s alter ego), “The Rella” begins with Hodgy Beats dressed in video game-inspired body armor busting through brick walls and running amok through a suburban neighborhood. “I’m just the n—a that comes through and f—s everything up,” he said.

OF spitter Domo Genesis plays a much different, but equally animated role. “My character is like a ’70s-type pimp guy, and when people get out of line, I get to smack ’em in the face,” he told MTV News, before complaining about his ill-fitted wardrobe. “I’m enjoying that, the only thing that I’m not enjoying is that this sweater is pretty little.”

Far from your standard hip-hop fare, “Rella” isn’t as awe-inspiring as Tyler’s VMA winning video for “Yonkers,” but it bucks rap rules all the same. Choosing to lay a comedic theme over the song’s bassy and sometimes sinister track, OF come off nothing like their contemporaries. On the song’s final verse, Tyler begins snorting an entire mound of cocaine (which we assume is fake), before a camera pan reveals the outspoken rapper/producer as a shirtless Centaur who wears a bobbed woman’s wig.

Lyrically, “Rella” has no concrete theme; it’s just a spew of obnoxious rhymes, and the clip comes off pretty much the same way. Don’t confuse it with haphazardness, though: The three-and-a-half-minute video plays out just how the group intended. “Super Stoked About rella. Now Waiting For Someone To Say How It Coudlve Been Better Or Something, Even Tho They Cant Do Better Ayyye,” Tyler tweeted on Monday after he dropped a link to the YouTube video.

Then on Tuesday, he addressed the video’s critics in a Tyler-like fashion. “Someone Told Me Today ‘ I Didnt Get The Video’. Its Nothing To Get, Its Just Random Thoughts,” he wrote on Twitter.”People Think To F—ing Much.”

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