Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham featured in the January 2012 issue of ELLE magazine, in which she speaks about her start in the fashion world and being immune to trends while also receiving a compliment from Hollywood gal pal Katie Holmes.

Highlights from Posh’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to visit ELLE!

On being embarrassed that mentor Marc Jacobs was the last to know about her fashion career plans:
“We went out to dinner one night, and he said, ‘I saw that you put out a collection.’ I felt so embarrassed to tell Marc Jacobs that I – me, ex-Spice Girl, married to a footballer – was creating a fashion line.”

On being immune to trends:
“I just create what I want to wear. I make what feels right.”

Katie Holmes on trusting Victoria’s style instincts:
“We go to the same events, and we’ll call each other to ask, ‘What color are you wearing?’ I’m always interested in what she’s liking for the season.”

On her odd pregnancy craving:
“When I was pregnant, I just wanted to get lots of animals for some reason. We talked about cats, but David said absolutely not.”


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