After weeks of serious promotion the new NBC series Awake premiere this week. However you don?t have to wait until Thursday to check it out. Nope you can watch the entire premiere episode right here. You have seen the previews or promos if you will that say your mind will be blown away by Awake. I have to say I wasn?t so sure that was going to be true but then I watched premiere early and I have to say it is true. Yes my mind was blown away but not necessarily in the way one might think. The show is basically about two dreams and one reality and a man living in them all. I know it sounds a little out there but it is really good. I am going to full on admit that when I first heard about Awake I was like there is no way in heck I am going to like this show. I mean a guy living in two different worlds neither of which are reality, it sounded way to out there for me to handle. However I was so wrong. This show is different yes but it is also very suspenseful, intriguing and […]


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