Question by KristenCO: What can I do to get the highest search engine placement possible for my Web site?
I remember back in the “olden days” of search engine optimization, it was mostly about the keywords in your META tags. Now, that clearly is not enough. I’m curious what I can do to optimizes search engine placement without paying thousands of dollars for someone else to do it for me. What are those people doing to get top placement?

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Answer by Analyst
first, you need to write great contents that will holds your visitors. seriously, Google consider this very seriously!

secondly, market your website for real visitors, not just for the sake of backlinks. Google can slowly know how the visitors react to your website from then on.

Last but not least, build highly effective website. Honestly speaking, I found SiteBuildIt have extra advantage as fas as SERP is concern. at least, 30% of my webpages ranked in the first page og Google with SiteBuildIt.

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