Question by Dylan F: What city is better to relocate to, Phoenix, AZ or Portland, OR?
I am a CA native, living in LA now and barely surviving because of the extremely high cost of living and extremely rude people. I am seriously considering relocating in the next few months. Phoenix and Portland are my top two realistic choices, because they are much cheaper than CA, but still modern, popular and relatively close. It is important to have lots of things to do, music, friendly people, a good public transportation system and affordable rent.

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Answer by Nate_82
Choose Portland. Wasn’t it voted one of the top 10 places to live recently?

Phoenix has a very poor public transit system, and not much “soul”. Phoenix is just one large connected glob of run-down strip shopping centers and suburbs. It’s also more than 90 degrees 8 months of the year. Unless you have family and friends in Phoenix, there really isn’t anything there.

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