What Exactly Happens In The Air Force?

//What Exactly Happens In The Air Force?

What Exactly Happens In The Air Force?

Question by Chris: What Exactly Happens In The Air Force?
Im interested in joining the Air Force but I just want to get a good idea of what its like in there and what training is like. What I mean is what do you do in the Air Force?

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Answer by Freddy
Look on their website and research it. You say you want to join but have no idea what it is you want to join. Oooohh, look, shiny things!!

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  1. R November 4, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    The Air Force mission is air, space and cyberspace.

    That means the Air Force is the branch primarily responsible for all those things, be it air superiority, space command, or cyber security for the military.

    Basically, all operations center around the use of air, space and cyber power to achieve the goal of defeating America’s enemies. That means airplanes from fighter jets, attack jets, bombers, cargo planes, spy and GPS satellites, land based ICBMs, computers, etc.

    Each person is trained in a specialty that in some way supports or is directly involved with that operation. You could be a fighter pilot (air superiority), satellite technician (space command), missile systems (ICBMs), JTAC (ground based forces), aircraft fueler or crewchief/jet engine mechanic (aircraft maintenance), information technology specialist, and so on and so forth.

    Think of the USAF as an entire airport. Everything that you would need to keep an entire airport going, you have someone for that. You would need security, civil engineering, air traffic controllers, truck drivers, cooks, admin, doctors/nurses/medical technicians/medics, etc.

    What you do will depend on your AFSC (military job), so your training will specialize in that.

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