Question by Antonia L: what is a US city with a great job market?
Hello, I am looking to move to a city where the job market is really open. Where it is easy to find work and employers are desperate. Preferably in the US but if you have other suggestions, they’re welcome.

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Answer by KK
In this economy? Nowhere.

The Silicon Valley in California has tanked, Las Vegas/Henderson has tanked. Pretty much everywhere, big or small, the economy sucks eggs, to be very blunt. Jobs are scarce unfortunately. If you have one, you better keep it. If you don’t, you’re SOL.


And to the person below me, that INCLUDES San Francisco. I have friends looking for jobs in that area and nothing is working out for them. They all (okay, except 1) are smart, hard-working individuals with educations and experience. Nothing is panning out.

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