Question by raywilkinsonjr: what is search engine marketing and how do I utilize it for my business?
I have an automotive dealership with a website of, I keep reading about search engine marketing yet I don’t understand how to take advantage of it?

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Answer by Rishi
Search Engine Marketing is powerful way to reach out to your prospective customers who are actively searching for products you offer by placing sponsor links on pages displaying results of keywords relevant to yoru business

5 simple steps to place ads thru Search Engine Marketing.

Step 1: Visit the URL(s) –

Step 2: Choose Keywords (tools on the URLs assist you in the process)
Step 3: Write Search Listing for each of your keywords
Step 4: Determine the Bid amount for each of the Keywords {Payment is on cost per click basis (you pay the search engine only when your linked has been clicked on)}
Step 5 : Set up a payment account, a self serve system allows your credit card to be billed after the clicks have been delivered

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