Question by 🙂: What is the best product out ob the market right now to get rid of roaches?preferably safe we have an infant?
Just moved to Arizona I am from Minnesota so I was warned about the climate and the type if bugs I can expect to see. And being a clean freak I am freaking outtttt!:D….but the good thing is that that I see them very infrequently but one was enough for me. Please help! Something safe but very effective!…. Thanks for helping!

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Answer by Blaze
You can get sticky pads. You place them around the edges of the rooms (where they like to crawl) and they get stuck on the pads and die. It’s probably the safest method of control. But if you’re rarely seeing one then maybe you should just kill them as you see them. O yah, and go around your house and seal up all the cracks and holes. Especially around things like water pipes.

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