What is the best thing about living in Arizona versus California?

//What is the best thing about living in Arizona versus California?

What is the best thing about living in Arizona versus California?

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by soumit

Question by Just Me!: What is the best thing about living in Arizona versus California?
What is the job market like? What are the people like? I’ve lived in S. California all my life, and I’m ready for a change, but not one that is too drastic. Plus my husband and I have a new baby, and I want to be somewere that is good for families.

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Answer by RockMan
I don’t know how bad Arizona is but in California you have drunk white celebrities and stupid Mexican gangsters. Just in case I AM HISPANIC.

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  1. feelinliketanto December 14, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Ha HA thats easy… NO CALIFORNIANS!

  2. Nades December 14, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    I guess it would depend where in AZ you would live. My sis is also from SoCal (like me) and she moved to AZ twice and came running back to CA each time not long after moving. She moved to Phoenix and it’s just friggin’ hot out there, especially in the summer. She said her air conditioning bill was between 400 and 500 a month because you have to run the air a lot and the water bill is *a lot* higher than in CA, too. She felt “landlocked” and surrounded by too much desert and she missed the beach. Funny enough, not that she goes to the beach all of the time but I guess when the option is just completely taken away from you then it makes you miss and want something even more, you know? She missed some greenery and trees and even the house she had there had “desert landscaping” and she hated it; she wanted a lawn but it’s really hard to maintain “greenery” in that heat.

    The second time she moved there (because of her husband’s job), she had a small baby as well and she didn’t have such a great experience. For many months of the year, it’s just too hot to go outside in the day and either you go out in the early morning or later in the evening. If you go out in the day, you have to go somewhere inside (a mall or something) where it’s air-conditioned. She was often at home during the day because she simply couldn’t go outside (too hot) and she didn’t like that so much. In comparison to where we live in Orange County, even if it’s hot in the day, we get a sort of breeze at night and it cools down. She said in Phoenix it just stays hot like an oven – even at night.

    But that’s just my sister’s experience in Phoenix. My friend’s parents moved from CA and retired to Prescott and they love it there. Sedona is really nice, too, but pricey to live there.

    The one thing you have to watch when leaving SoCal is that if you move away to somewhere cheaper, then you want to move back, it’s really hard to because of the costs. Real estate in SoCal will always be expensive and go up. I have friends that moved out of California because it was cheaper to live in other parts of the country. Now many of them want to move back to California and they can’t afford it. Their homes (in states like New York, S. Carolina, Florida, etc.) did not increase in price the way home prices did in CA so even if they sell their house, it won’t be enough to move back to CA, kwim?

    I visited my sister a few times in AZ and while I really like the state and some of the areas (absolutely *love* Sedona!), I think it’s a nice place to visit but…. (you know the rest….) 😉

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