Question by Alisha: What job in the arts and media arts field makes alot of money?
I’m into art, photography, and media art. Stuff like that. I hear most art jobs don’t make anything is there any jobs in those fields that will make good money?

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Answer by Skix
I’m there, and with a 4-year degree. In my opinion and experience, no.

But wait, there’s more!

You can teach art or photography and get a decent retirement. You might be extremely talented and shoot weddings or portraits at $ 300 per hour and get a great following of fans and repeat customers.

You could get a gig as the Smithsonian curator…in my opinion, arts and media is for people that love arts and media (you could do worse, believe me) but you’ll do it for your art, not for money.

Curious to see what others answer.

P.S. If you’re already an arts or media person, you’re hooked. Do what you love to do. From what I understand, people prefer to love their jobs and are happier when they do that than when they make a lot of money doing what they hate on a day-tot-day basis. Other comments?

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