Question by Chair: What kind of robot masters would you like to see in the upcoming MegaMan 10?
In issue 250 of Nintendo Power, Capcom has announced that they are indeed making a MegaMan 10. There is even a trailer for it.

But they’ve only shown two robot masters: SheepMan and CommandoMan.
What other types of robot masters would you like to see?
Also, just to add more hype, Capcom also stated that there will be three playable characters in MM10: MegaMan, ProtoMan, and a secret character.
Who do you think the character will be?

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Answer by QGVon
I know! Can you believe it? I answered this before with what Robot Masters I’d love to see. I selected Acid Man, Blade Man, Neutro Man, Sound Man, Tank Man, Polar Man, Silver Man and Missile Man;_ylt=Aq6JjL9TB2GIzX3WZl8bQGjBFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20091211175436AAC4Z3Q&show=7#profile-info-ram3IOORaa
but for your question here are 8 more:

Cyber Man – Cyber Crasher – a virus beam is projected into an enemy and causing them to go haywire and crash into something or the virus destroys them from within
Blaze Man – a Dragon shaped robot – Dragon Blaze – a steady flame flies forth, small enemies on screen are engulfed without contact, obstacles like ice, wood and metal are removed
Fuse Man – Static Polarizer – a static field defuses enemies, smashing them to the ground
Wolf Man – a dog-faced clawed robot – Chain Claw – a chain-saw is held out in front as long as weapon is charged, the claws are released in all directions when released
Techno Man – a remote-device controller robot – Photon Blade – an enrgized projectile that can be directed mid-flight twice
Tsunami Man – Flash Whirlpool – a whirlwind of water flies forward, destroying or washing away foes
Hakuta Man – a martial arts trainer robot – Seismic Punch – A giant fist pushes (or smashes) enemies, shattering them upon impact
Dusk Man – a cloaked mercenary robot – Dark Slicer – A reverse beam of light (darkness) darkens everything in front as blades within slice everything in its path

I hope it isn’t Bass, I hope the third character is someone new or unexpected, like Auto

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