Question by ANR: What was it like being a teenager in the early 2000s?
Specifically around 2002 and 2003. I’m writing a story that takes place around this time.

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Answer by Lina
lets see… The music was different. A lot of Britney, Christina & Boybands. We didn’t all have cell phones, facebook and similar communities weren’t common amongst society, we talked on the homephone a lot (I hat memorized all the phone numbers of my friends), went out meeting somewhere instead of chatting on the computer. And messaging on the phone? a phone was a luxery and we considered it high-technology if that thing could take (low-quality) pictures.
There was no such thing like Hipster or “cool nerd people”, people were focusing on relationchips a lot and you better had some friends. Smoking was considered cool also. Being experienced was cooler than being smart….
I’d recommend to watch high school movies that were made around 2000, I think that would help! 🙂 Also in “21 Jump Street” there are 2 scenes in which they show differences from how teenage life was in 2003 and how teenage life is today and I’d say it’s true.

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