Question by sora star: What yugioh deck should i start using in the new format?
I run twilight at the moment and love them but there not winning quite as much nowadays so could anyone suggest a similar style deck coming out in the next couple months or one thats already just come out?

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Answer by Tommy
Everyone’s hyped up about the next structure deck. It’s supposed to be a cross between light and dark, so that means support for twilight decks, or at least cheaper resources. I also run a twilight deck and it’s doing really well. I had some issues, too, with the new format, but bringing back BLS has made my deck run really well. Maybe you just need to upgrade yours, or, if all else fails, make it into a chaos deck. If you just want a new deck entirely that’s almost always winning, make a Tengu Plants deck like 99% of the YCS participants.

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