What’s the difference between a State Univeristy and the University of Phoenix?

//What’s the difference between a State Univeristy and the University of Phoenix?

What’s the difference between a State Univeristy and the University of Phoenix?

Question by FRANKIE G: What’s the difference between a State Univeristy and the University of Phoenix?
My ultimate goal is to get a BA in Health Care Administration. I live in California so a State University seemed like the most logical route, but people are saying that the University of Phoenix would be quicker, offers online and campus classes near by and works better with my schedule. I guess my main concern is that if a degree from the University of Phoenix would be as respected as a degree from Cal State from a company’s point of view. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Answer by jatexgirl
The University of Phoenix is a reputable tertiary institution. They are expensive, I think. To find out how well programs are you may find out what the graduation rate is for both schools in the field. Univ. of Phoenix may be quicker but make sure that you are focused and serious about school before you sign up. Below is a gov. website where you can check graduation rates for Cal State, but I don’t think for Univ. of Pheonix.


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  1. Holly June 15, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Hi Frankie,

    If you are young and have no children and can go to your State University then I would recommend you do that first. If you are a working adult looking for education that allows flexibility UOP might be right for you. As far as it being quicker….maybe if you can double up on your classes, but I was told it was 2 years solid. One class is equivalent to two classes. If you decide to go with 2 classes, you will be very busy with homework and then dealing with your learning teams.

    As for your second concern regarding whether a degree from UOP is marketable, will depend on the person who is hiring. Some will, some won’t. I asked my doctor the other day if he would hire a UOP graduate and he said ” Yes, as long as the school is accredited.” My sister-in-law works as a computer programmer for the government and she has a BA from UOP. How I see it, if an employer tosses out my application based on what college I attended, then I wouldn’t want to work for that person anyway.

    Below is a response I posted to another post with similar questions, I hope this will help you find at least some answers you are seeking. Also keep in mind that University of Phoenix are the pioneers of online education going back 20 years ago. Naturally there will always be skepticism and fear of the unknown. What is evident is that our global market trends are becoming more and more technologically advanced everyday. Online is everywhere now, you can’t ignore it, as other traditional universities are following in the same path.

    I recently finished their AA program in Health Care Administration, from personal experience I thought the program was challenging. If you do all your homework you’ll be fine. I had some picky teachers and some not so picky teachers. But I have also experience this at traditional jr community colleges. Just make sure you can handle sitting in front of a computer for many hours. In my experience, I have sat for countless hours reading their text book materials, creating Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, making graphics and charts to illustrate my ideas. I also spent time researching creditable sources such as peer reviewed journals and articles from their online library or finding additional creditable websites from the internet to support my statements for my papers. Very timing consuming!!! I learned a lot through my research and stayed current on the global market trends in my field of study respectively.
    Note, if you start a class and change your mind, you will be responsible for paying for the class or classes based on time you spent in the class. Get a feel for the first couple of classes and see if it’s right for you.

    For all those who dislike UOP so much:

    1.) Step foot in their online classroom and complete one of their degree programs before you speak. Rather than just going off of hear-say, or what you’ve read in the media. Not all information in the media is completely accurate, as these stories are written by people who have their own opinion and sometimes do not fairly counter argue both sides of the story.

    2.) They are not a scam or a rip-off, if the student didn’t complete their degree or didn’t learn anything, that is no one’s fault but the student, not the university…….. All students sign a contract and know well before hand the costs involved before they sign the dotted line.

    3.) UoP is a school…. but also a business, like any other business, they make money. In return they offer their products, goods and services: a basic college education that is accredited.

    4.) According to National Center for Education Statistics, UOP enrolled 224,880 in 2007 and 301,000 in 2008. Obliviously; the statistics show a large amount of students made the “choice” to attend this school even more students the year after. Yes the numbers of graduates are low, but again that is NOT the school’s fault, it’s the student’s responsibility to finish their own degree.

    5.)The school offers everyone with a high school diploma or GED equivalent a shot at going to college no matter what demographics a individual comes from. Be it rich, middle class, poverty stricken, working adult, stay-at-home mom, those who are physically disabled, or those who live in rural areas with limited access to traditional universities. If a person wants to better themselves by pursuing a basic online college degree, stop knocking them down for trying. Completing a degree shows character and shows employers that you can start something and finish it. You are provided with new hire training at any new job anyway, as every company has “their way of doing things”.

    In addition, a quick college search lead me to one website whose organization compiled a list of 15 most interesting and useful degree programs offered online. UOP was one of them; they offer a B.S. in Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management the world’s first online degree program in Sustainable Business Science. Wow imagine that….. side by side with other “prestigious” colleges. They must be doing something right!



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