Question by FRANKIE G: What’s the difference between a State Univeristy and the University of Phoenix?
My ultimate goal is to get a BA in Health Care Administration. I live in California so a State University seemed like the most logical route, but people are saying that the University of Phoenix would be quicker, offers online and campus classes near by and works better with my schedule. I guess my main concern is that if a degree from the University of Phoenix would be as respected as a degree from Cal State from a company’s point of view. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Answer by jatexgirl
The University of Phoenix is a reputable tertiary institution. They are expensive, I think. To find out how well programs are you may find out what the graduation rate is for both schools in the field. Univ. of Phoenix may be quicker but make sure that you are focused and serious about school before you sign up. Below is a gov. website where you can check graduation rates for Cal State, but I don’t think for Univ. of Pheonix.

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