Question by Chem Flunky: Where should I sell my aluminum cans in/near Tempe/Mesa, AZ?
I’ve been collecting aluminum cans, intending to sell them to a recycling place. Who knows what places in the Phoenix east valley area offer a good price for cans? Bonus points for ones that are near Tempe or West Mesa, it makes no sense to drive 20 miles to get 10 cents more a pound or something, I don’t have that many cans and gas costs money.

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Answer by bill
you need 100 lbs or more to make it worth your time, right now aluminum is low, 45 cents, I would keep saving, keep an eye on the market, most scrap yards post the price, sell when they go back up to at least 55 cents. I scrap a lot of stuff, no cans, but alum, steel, copper, batteries, etc.

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