Question by G: Where’s good to live in Phoenix if you’re a young professional?
I want to live where other people aged 22-30 live. I want to live where there are lots of restaurants, nightlife, shops, and other hangout spots within walking distance of each other and from my place. My work location will be downtown Phoenix, so commute time shouldn’t be TOO long.

Tempe comes to mind, but is it mainly just for ASU? What about Scottsdale? Chandler??

Please advise. Be as detailed as you can.

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Answer by pepper
You asked about Tempe where ASU is located butit does have fun night life with Mill Avenue. Downtown Phoenix could also be reached from Scottsdale Northern Scottsdale is where all the action is and where everything you desire could be reached by walking but your living expenses will be higher there. Chandler is a nice little town for farmilies and might work for you. You need to come here on a scouting expedition to explore and see for yourself. Try to not sign a lease until you get to know the area. Have you considered buying? We’re still a buyers’ market here in the Phoenix area and a realtor could steer you in the right direction. Good luck

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