Question by Mark K: Why are the search engine ranking for my website different on my laptop?
My search engine ranking for my website used to be #3 and now it dropped and it’s on page 7 when I search for it using my keywords from my desktop computer. When I searched using my laptop it is in position 5 on the first page. Why is it different on my laptop from my destop? I use yahoo.
I have IE and don’t have any toolbars.

I was in position 3 on both computers for quite sometime but when I checked my positions today, for some reason I feel on to page 7 on my desktop. I am still on page one when I check on my laptop but in position 5. Not sure why there is such a huge difference.

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Answer by Micheal S
Are your browsers the same? IE has many different configurations, including some advanced ones that tell your browser to use different search engines to get results.

You may also want to verify that you don’t have toolbars installed. Some of the search toolbars will insert their own results in the resulting pages, so that if one computer has a toolbar and the other one does not, you will get different results.

I find it a little (no, a lot) strange that you are going from page 1 to page 7, though. Can you be typing a different spelling, or different capitalization?

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Micheal Savoie

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