Question by Armed: Why is it that young people my age, 18-26, are not marveled over today’s technological advancements?
We also see, what older people may consider – new technology – as an integration of existing technology. Take smart phones, for example – iPhone 5… Nothing new – A small computer, a cell-phone, voice recognition, etc.. these things have existed for a long time.

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Answer by Katie M
It is because this is now the norm. Our parents/grandparents may be marveled by this new technology because they grew up in a different time. Someone who lived their whole life sewing by hand grew accustomed to that norm; when the sewing machine was introduced, it changed their very way of life. Same as for factory workers and the moving assembly line; handwriting letters and putting them in the post and the invention of instant electronic mail (IM/E-Mail); candle light and electric lighting; hand-washing dishes/laundry and the washing machine and dishwasher; doing math problems on paper and the calculator; etc…

Because we are living in the middle of this age, we are just used to life being this way. Unless something comes along to drastically change the way we do things today, perhaps something like teleportation, we won’t be in awe of anything because we are surrounded by things that are normal for us.

People of older generations think that we are ungrateful for everything we have, which I guess we are but we can’t help it. Same as they were to things that they grew up with that generations before them were grateful for. People used to walking everywhere were in awe of the bicycle, them in awe of the car, them in awe of the airplane, them in awe of the spaceship; each one thinking the following generation is ungrateful for the things they, the older generation, didn’t have when they were growing up. Though I am thankful for the ability to walk, I don’t really consider it an amazing thing because I am so used to it; whereas someone who got into a horrific accident who was told they will never walk again but after months learns how to walk again, will be ever thankful for the ability to walk every day.

… running on a tangent, sorry. Hope this helped.

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