Top Ten Reasons to Use Mobile Text Marketing

Mobile coupons offer an excellent opportunity for retailers to appeal to customers on the go, and to drive them in stores with special offers and discounts.  The advent of sites like Groupon and Living Social have brought back the idea of the “Coupon.” No more is this a bad word, it is attractive and studies have shown it’s what people want. 

Ten Reasons why retailers should consider the use of mobile (SMS) in their marketing strategies.

1. Drive Sales in Store

Movile coupons can be downloaded by customers on the move. The lure of a discount or or some other offer can be enough to tempt more customers into stores, where they may buy more than just what ‘s offered on the coupon.

2. Texting Short Codes – Text TAHINAS to 50240

Go ahead do it.  Just like American Idol made famous  by having people text their votes, now you can create your own short codes with certain texting services.

Plum Reward allows you to create as many as you want and use them in any print advertising you currently do or on email or sites like Facebook or Twitter.  Create them in your own back office and use them and track their effectiveness.. it’s awesome. See which forms of advertising are reaching the most of your customers simply by tracking the use of these short codes.

 3. Saves Printing – A Greener Solution

I’ve eaten at Pizza Express several times in the knowledge that I could have saved myself money if I’d printed a voucher out beforehand. Downloading and printing out vouchers requires planning ahead, but mobile couponing means that restaurants and retailers can appeal to customer’ impulses more easily.

I now go to Lil’ Tony’s in Cockeysville, MD, they have Plum Reward a loyalty program combined with mobile marketing and I get specials every week and I keep going back.  I just save them in my phone so I can find them easily.

4. Measurability

Coupons can be an effective add-on to any multichannel marketing campaign, and can allow retailers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

With Plum Reward I am able to track all of my coupons that go out and how many are redeemed.  This is great to track my ROI.

5. Proximity Marketing

Mobile coupons allow stores to appeal to customers who might be in the area., looking for something to buy. Having a coupon accessible via phones means that customers can find offers and act upon them immediately.

MyPlumReward is a place where you can make your coupons available to anyone so that users that are travelling to different areas can find deals wherever they go.

6. Allows Retailers to Test Mobile Commerce

While some retailers are in the UK are yet to launch a mobile commerce website or application, issuing coupons via mobile is one way to test the water, and see how their target audience responds to mobiel offers, what kinds of phones they are using, and so on.

With Plum Reward, it is so easy, just go buy an iTouch from Apple get in contact with me and with $100 for first month and set up you are good to go.  If it doesn’t work out, you have a really cool Apple product.

7. Broad Appeal

Let’s face it, just about everyone has a mobile phone or smart phone, and more and more have phones with internet access.  This means that the potential target market for mobile coupons is massive, and growing all the time.

Recent Deloitte research suggest that US shoppers were actively looking to receive coupons via their phones, while another Compete survey found that smartphone users want to use coupons. Tomi Ahonen has a wonderful book outlining how text messaging is the emerging power in mass media.

8. Customers Want Coupons

Coupons and voucher codes are already popular on-line. I have used many a Groupon myself.  People love a bargain. For this  reason alone, mobile coupons will become very popular with customers and they will seek them more and more.

With Plum Reward you not only get the opportunity to get and give coupons to places you like to go to you also have the value in the loyalty program that goes along with Plum Reward.  Loyalty programs increase customer retention.

9. It is Cost Effective

Unlike the alternatives of offering coupons in newspapers or direct mail, with mobile coupons, retailers only pay for engagement.

With Plum Reward everyone becomes part of your loyalty program but people have to opt in to receive text coupons. You won’t send coupons to people who don’t want them.  The other folks that opt in are those that text a short  code  to a number indicating they already want a text sent to them.  No wasted advertising.

10. Gain an advantage over competitors

If customers are using sites like Groupon to search for discounts then those same people are going to find the value in retailers offering mobile coupons.  They give a compelling reason to go somewhere other than your competitor.

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